I’m not sure how many times we’ve been to Alpine but at least a dozen times in the last two years. They’re our regular vet for our 14-ish year old dog that has health issues and he receives the best care. Our other two dogs have been there at least twice each for emergencies (Thanksgiving for one, Christmas Eve for another) and they were handled as quickly as possible. We asked alllllll the questions and everything was explained to us. I can’t imagine going anywhere else!

– Sara W., Facebook

Our malamute was lost and was brought by someone to this hospital. She stayed here overnight and seemed to be cared for really well. She didn’t eat for hours before becoming lost. When we picked her up in the morning, she didn’t seem hungry at all. I’m really thankful to the hospital staff and whoever brought our girl here. Everyone was super friendly. We didn’t get charged any fees. If we ever need emergency vet care, this place will be in my mind.

– Weeky, Google

A sincere thanks to the wonderful staff at Alpine Animal Hospital for caring for our beloved Scottie Morgan after a good Samaritan brought her in last night. After a sleepless night of scouring the neighborhood, we were ecstatic to hear she was alive and well. Not only was the staff compassionate and professional, they would not accept any payment from us. Truly exceptional service!!

– Monika S., Yelp

Our first visit was unfortunately our last, as our dog Lucy didn’t make it. Without going into the sad details, I will say that Alpine did absolutely everything they could to help us through the process of her care and ultimately losing our battle. They called us whenever there was a change, including the middle of the night, so we could come down and visit with our ailing dog when she needed it the most. When we received Lucy’s remains, they were encased in a tasteful urn, in a beautiful gift bag stuffed with paw print tissue paper. Unexpectedly, we also received a cast of her paw print. This last bit nearly caused my heart to burst. The care our Lucy received while she was in their facility, and afterwards, was exceptional. I would recommend this location to anyone looking for knowledgeable and courteous staff to care for their family members. I send all my love and appreciation to the staff at Alpine, and thank them for taking such good care of my sweet girl.

– Laura B., Facebook

I live two minutes driving distance from this clinic and have only unfortunately visited for emergencies. I have to say, the clinic and services are expensive. My dogs (both my own and my foster dogs) are my kids though. All that said, they have always been courteous to me and my dogs, despite that I have what many vets see as a cantankerous breed (shar pei). Just this last weekend I had to bring one of my foster dogs in for sutures after a rough play/fight session and both the vet and staff were nothing but courteous to me and my very shy, scared foster rescue boy.

– Jenn N., Google

We showed up early on a Saturday morning without an appointment and with a dog emergency. We were seen quickly and our expectations set often about wait time and expense. Dr Schmid was extremely professional and we very much appreciated her honesty in telling us what our pup needed and in recommending surgery etc. she explained everything and what it meant and really took the time to make sure we knew what was going on. She was great with our dog and the staff all around were friendly and professional. They also took the time to explain the bill and what the costs meant. I hope we don’t have to come back here but they were great in an emergency.

– General R., Yelp

I have been a customer for over 36 years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, The staff is amazing, always there to help and if you are a little tight in the wallet they are more than happy to help you with a solution, Your fur babies will always receive the best quality care there is.

– Christine H., Facebook

I have two very old Persian Cats…19 and 15. I just recently had to put my 19 year old baby boy Maxwell down. The staff was amazing and so caring, on my difficult choice and day. Dr. Huang was delightful and compassionate, and so was everyone else. I have been going there for the past 2 years, and generally get in quickly and they are very thorough. It’s not a quick visit, but I would rather have them be thorough than not. Thank you for everything you do.

– Gene R., Google